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Homegrown in Roane

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It’s Saturday morning. You wake up to the sun spilling in through the open window and a breeze blowing in from the lake. Your feet hit the hardwood floor and you waltz into the kitchen looking for a coffee cup. The birds are chirping, and the slight chill of early autumn greets you as you step out on the front porch. You drink your coffee and leisurely make your list. Apples, tomatoes, sourdough bread…At 8am, you hop in the car and head to David Webb Riverfront Park in Harriman for the Farmers Market.

Once you arrive, you greet many local farmers and gardeners with a smile while discussing the best fresh produce for the week. You talk about everything from green tomatoes to grandchildren. You may not know the vendor, but you know he’s from Roane County, and that’s good enough.

You make sure you get there early enough to get the good stuff. Depending on the week, you could find fresh breads, jams and jellies, vegetables of all kinds, fruit and an assortment of homemade arts and crafts.

With a bag full of goodies and a happy heart, you head back home. The Farmers Market is good for the soul. Time moves slower, the sun shines brighter and the people are sweeter. You’ve looked forward to this all week, and it was every bit as wonderful as you’d imagined. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…temporarily.

As September comes to a close, the 2016 farmers market season will end as well. Don’t miss out on your chance for the perfect Saturday morning in Roane County. If you’re not an early bird, you can still catch the market on Wednesdays from 3pm-6pm. Get there early to get your pick of the produce! Farmers Market will return next year, but soak up the last few days of summer while you still can.

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